Avi Ohana, Artist/Photographer

Avi Ohana, Artist/Photographer

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The strokes of a painter's brush colour a canvas, expressing a reality far beyond one sole perspective, so does the click of a talented photographer's camera.

At the age of thirteen, Ohana's romance with photography began. With his innate interest in observing people, Ohana never lacked inspiration. His sense of capturing a moment and eternalising it in a photograph was and still is his ultimate fulfilment.

With the passage of time, Ohana has developed his own unique artistic style and sophisticated point of view, that has fuelled his passion for photography.

Originally from Israel, Ohana traveled and lived in many different parts of the world, but in the summer of 1991, he arrived in Australia and decided it was home.

Three years later, Ohana opened Celebrity Vogue Photography at the gateway to Sydney's magnificent harbour, Circular Quay.

After 10 extremely successful years at the forefront of Sydney's photographic industry, Ohana opened the Seductive Art Gallery™ — dedicated to the figurative beauty and warmth of the human form – in the heart of Sydney's picturesque and historic Rocks.

The evolution of Ohana's photographic style continues with every one of his photo shoots. He believes that there is something to be learned from every image and from every subject.

When photographing nudes, Ohana favours a single person or couple as the subject for his images. His photographs embrace clean and curvy lines; seductive and passionate with gentle and loving sentiment. His trick is to expose naked emotion, always confronting it, but never degrading it.

The classical nature of the black and white photo makes it Ohana's favourite medium for its ability to simplify the world as we see it — dramatising and sharpening our view.

As he continues his photographic journey, in the constant pursuit for more artistic discovery and refinement, Ohana is humbled by the people that make his craft possible; his talented and dedicated team at Celebrity Vogue Photography and his subjects who trust and inspire his artistic integrity and most of all, the sound of his click.